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aboutSuryodaya laghubitta bittiya sanstha  Limited  Registered as a Public limited company on dated 2069-09-02 (17th December 2012)  under Company Act 2006 . SLBS received operating license from central Read More >>

Message From CEO

ceo_imgFirst of all, I would like to thanks the Board of Directors of the financial institution of suryodaya laghubitta bittiya sanstha limited for selecting me in the position of Chief Executive officer. Read More >>

SLBB requires its clients to save with most of their loan products and encourages clients to contribute to voluntary savings accounts as well. Both savings accounts give members access to funds for health, education and consumption needs either though withdrawal of voluntary savings. There are 4 types of saving products offered to its clients, they are: compulsory saving, voluntary saving, centre fund savings and Sunaulo vabisye savings. Read More >>

1) General Loan

This loan is Income create types & Maximum two years loan with monthly repayments. Clients make payments mostly during monthly in Group meetings place, where group members perform their financial transactions such as repayment, Deposit transfer & cash deposit etc. Generally a group is composed by 10 to 30 members. The interest rate is 20% on declining basis. Before women can become members of SLBS and hence eligible for loans, they must complete the compulsory group training ( from 5 to 7 days) and pass the group recognition test. The loan size is optimum Rs 2 lakhs (First year Rs 100,000 and second, Third year gradually increase) Read More >>

SLBS enrolled in group very low-income households & They are highly vulnerable to economic shocks caused by events such as death of family member, illness, destruction of valuable asset or a disabling injury. We provides Social security to its client. The Premium is Per thousand is 0.7  Percent & Benefits are how much loan outstanding she have & we provide other benefit also. Read More >>

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