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Saving Services

SLBB requires its clients to save with most of their loan products and encourages clients to contribute to voluntary savings accounts as well. Both savings accounts give members access to funds for health, education and consumption needs either though withdrawal of voluntary savings. There are 4 types of saving products offered to its clients, they are: compulsory saving, voluntary saving, centre fund savings and Sunaulo vabisye savings.

1) Compulsory Savings (CS): 

This is mandatory Savings and is linked with loan disbursement. The clients are required to deposit 3% of their loan disbursement & Rs 100 is monthly meeting in this account. This product is designed to encourage saving habits of clients as well as to provide safety net for both SLBS and client. Clients earn 7% interest on these savings & Interest capitalized in quarterly basis.

2) Personal saving  (PS):

This is the voluntary saving product offered to all its clients. A client can open her account with a minimum of Rs.100.00.  Clients earn 8% interest on this saving. Interest capitalized in quarterly. She can deposit in this account when she has surplus and withdraw from this account as per her needs.

3) Center fund saving (CF):

The Group of SLBBS can open this account, All member deposit Rs 10 in every monthly meeting. Group earn 8 % interest on this saving account & Interest capitalized in quarterly. they will withdraw if necessary any kind of purpose.

4) Sunaulo Bhabisya Bachat Khata: 

The members of SLBBS can open this saving account for the period of 14 years they have received double of deposited amount. Recurring savers are required to deposit Minimum Rs. 50 or Maximum Rs 1000 per month for agreed period.